About Audio Video Forensics

Providing expertise in audio & video forensics for three decades

In response to a growing demand for both forensic visual and audio services within law enforcement and private legal companies, Audio Video Forensics Ltd was founded in the early 90’s. Since 1994 we have developed and improved techniques and the use of technology to provide forensic services, improving audio video and still image evidence to law enforcement agencies, military clients, private legal companies, health and safety cases and insurance investigations.

Our work has been crucial in dealing with audio and video evidence from mobile phones, CCTV and covert sources in highly complex and high profile prosecution and defence cases such as the Rhys Jones murder enquiry, both trials of Levi Bellfield, numerous murder enquiries, industrial accident enquiries and road traffic accidents throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Caribbean, Africa, New Zealand and the Middle East.  

Contracted by the Special Investigation Branch of the Military Police Forensic for Gulf War 2, we worked on a wide range of complex forensic audio and visual material on cases from Iraq and Afghanistan.
We have delivered training and presentations to many Police colleges such as Greater ManchesterPolice, The Metropolitan Police, Cheshire Police, P.S.N.I. and the Hungarian Secret Service and have been a registered expert adviser on the NCA database since1999.

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