King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden fake photographs

Expressen newspaper (Sweden)

In 2011 Expressen newspaper in Sweden asked AVF to analyse a supplied photograph purportedly of the King of Sweden in a hotel room with prostitutes in various states of undress. Serbian-Swedish businessman Mille Markovic who had been convicted and imprisoned for a range of crimes including tax evasion, weapons charges, assault, fraud and blackmail claimed to have photographic evidence of the King’s private life. Markovic ran Club Privé, aStockholm nightspot where the photograph was alleged to have been taken. AVF was one of three expert witnesses approached to analyse the image and supplied a report illustrating it to be manipulated and unsafe to be published as the truth. Three years later, in 2014, Markovic was found slumped dead in his vehicle outside his home with gunshot wounds to his head from a drive by shooting.

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